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Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Stefan Kehl

Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Stefan Kehl   Address: Julius-Albert-Str. 4, Room 216
Phone: (+49) 5323 72 7153
(+49) 152 57 87 53 60
  • Decentralized Concurrent Development
  • Change Management of variant-rich product families in decentralized environments
  • Research Project: CONNECT

Stefan Kehl holds a Diploma degree in Business Information Technology from Clausthal University of Technology. In his Diploma thesis which was finished in 2011, he investigated how to transfer product data in a peer-to-peer based collaborative product development process safely and how to ensure the availability of this data.

He joined the research group "Mobile and Enterprise Computing" in February 2011 an is now working on collaborative product development within the research project CONNECT.

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