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Other Academic Publications

[9] F. T. Johora, P. Kraus, J. P. Müller (2017). Dynamic Path Planning and Movement Control in Pedestrian Simulation. Preproceedings of The 2nd International Workshop on Agent-based modelling of urban systems (ABMUS 2017). Sao Paulo, Brazil. [bib]
[8] Malte Aschermann, Philipp Kraus, Jörg P. Müller (2016). LightJason: A BDI Framework inspired by Jason. In Department of Informatics, Clausthal University of Technology IfI-16-04. [bib] [PDF]
[7] T. Ahlbrecht, J. Dix, M. Köster, P. Kraus, J. P. Müller (2014). A scalable runtime platform for multiagent-based simulation. In Department of Computer Science, TU Clausthal IfI Technical Report IfI-14-02. [bib] [PDF]
[6] M. Huhn, A Duraslan, G. Ganceanu, J. Görmer, J. Hähner, J. P. Müller, C. Müller-Schloer, C. Mumme, C. Schulz (2010). Autonomous agents in organized localities: metamodel and architecture. In Niedersächsische Technische Hochschule (NTH) 2010-02. [bib] [PDF]
[5] K. Fischer, J. P. Müller, M. Pischel (1995). Unifying Control in a Layered Agent Architecture. In DFKI GmbH Technical Memo TM-94-05. [bib]
[4] K. Fischer, J. P. Müller, M. Pischel (1995). Cooperative Transportation Scheduling: an Application Domain for DAI. In DFKI GmbH Research Report RR-95-01. [bib]
[3] Jörg P. Müller, Markus Pischel (1993). The Agent Architecture InteRRaP: Concept and Application. In DFKI RR-93-26. [bib] [PDF]
[2] H. J. Müller, J. P. Müller, M. Pischel, R. Scheidhauer (1992). On the Representation of Temporal Knowledge. In DFKI, Saarbrücken Technical Memo TM-92-04. [bib]
[1] J. P. Müller (1991). FIDO II: A Constraint Logic Programming Language Based on PROLOG with Coroutining. In DFKI Kaiserslautern DFKI Document DD-91-02. Master's thesis at Universität Kaiserslautern. [bib]

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